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Great Meetings! Inc. training offers:

  • Dee Kelsey facilitating a meetingTop–notch meeting management and facilitation training designed specifically for your needs. And if you aren’t sure exactly what you need, contact us for a free consultation to determine what would best enhance your organization’s meeting culture
  • Knowledgeable, engaging trainers and coaches with years of experience in training as well as in-the-trenches facilitation
  • Highly interactive training methods with practice, coaching opportunities
  • Substantial savings for your organization by making every meeting highly productive

We customize our training programs to match your company’s culture, needs and time frame. Every participant receives a copy of the Great Meetings! Great Results book, its companion, The Training Workbook and support in creating an individualized action plan to assure application of new skills back in the office. The organization is invited to create a step-by-step plan to transform all its meetings into great meetings.

Select from the following time-proven options, or create your own design:

Introduction to Great Meetings! Want to change your meeting culture? Are you ready for a commitment to great meetings throughout your organization? If so, bring the authors in and get a Great Meetings! culture started in your organization. In this short program, designed specifically for your needs, we will introduce everyone to the key concepts they need to hold great meetings. You will see immediate improvement in your meetings including: clear results and employee satisfaction! The session will include the book, Great Meetings! Great Results for the participants and a guide for using the book to transform the quality of each and every meeting.

Great Meetings! Management Skills: In just one day you can transform how your company manages meetings. This program is designed to give everyone who attends or leads meetings the key skills for assessing whether a meeting is really necessary, how to prepare for a meeting, and the basic principles of structuring a meeting for success. If you’ve been looking for a program to strengthen your organization's teams, this is it: build a common culture for great meetings while increasing productivity and employee satisfaction!

Great Meetings! Facilitation Skills: Strengthen your ability to lead and facilitate meetings. This training is for anyone who leads or facilitates meetings. Facilitation Skills runs from three to five days, depending on the needs of participants. It includes work on planning for and designing meetings, tools and techniques, interventions to keep meetings on track, managing conflict in meetings and using graphics. Multi-day sessions provide time for facilitation practice and feedback. This is a fabulous way to hone your leadership skills!

Great Meetings! Train-the-Trainer programs: Would you like to build capacity for excellent facilitation throughout a larger organization? With trained trainers of The Great Meetings! facilitation program, you will have a cadre of employees to spread the skills for great meetings throughout your organization. Train-the-Trainer programs are tailored to the needs and experience of the in house trainers and are structured around highly interactive skill development both in facilitation and training. This program is an excellent way to change your whole company’s meeting culture to Great Meetings! Great Results!

"Yes, I would highly recommend this course to anyone that comes in contact with or works with people, which means just about everyone will walk away with practical, proven tools to insure meeting success."
--Nancy Prescott, Eastern Maine Medical Center

"Absolutely! This training has provided me with critical tools and skills to lead effective, efficient and productive meetings. Anyone whose job includes leading meetings should be required to have this training. It was outstanding."
--Brian Moody, Eastern Maine Medical Center

"Concrete ‘take-away skills’ that will be very useful in everyday work environment…"
--Workshop participant

"Dee and Pam are a great team that complements each other well. I learned things which I can put to use immediately"
--Workshop participant

"Packed a lot of information into a short time. These two are obviously pros…"
--Workshop participant

"Dee and Pam are wonderful facilitators, teachers and leaders. Warm, accessible, professional, highly focused yet flexible. Thanks!!!.."
--Workshop participant