Who We Are

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to insuring that you and your organization transform the way you manage meetings so that you get results efficiently.

We are passionate about meetings. Why? Because over and over we have seen groups with the right skills generate great ideas, avoid decisions that would have taken them down the wrong road, redefine the direction of their organization and change their communities for the better.

We believe:

  • Bringing groups of people together provides the necessary mixture of knowledge and creativity to generate good ideas, solve problems, and develop long-range visions
  • People's ability to work effectively in groups requires good meeting management and facilitation skills: an understanding of what makes meetings work; planning and meeting design; understanding group dynamics; listening on several levels; summarizing and clarifying; managing conflicts and interventions and using graphics
  • Organizations that promote meeting management and facilitation skills have meetings that are productive and cost effective and employees who are energized to get the job done
  • Meetings can be effective, creative, fun and productive
  • Anyone can learn these skills and improve the productivity of their meetings

Why work with us

Clients praise our effective, down-to-earth, customized, affordable products and services. We can make a difference in your organization.

  • We have years of facilitation experience in a wide variety of environments
  • We practice facilitation and teach based on practical experience
  • We provide consistently top quality products and services
  • We deliver custom-designed workshops and training on time and within budget

"I have had the good fortune to work with Dee Kelsey and Pam Plumb, both individually and together, over a number of years and greatly appreciate their ability to successfully plan and facilitate group work. They both approach their work with the highest level of professionalism and in every project they have helped us to accomplish what needed to be done. The faculty, staff, community leaders and nurses from across Maine, who have participated in our various consultations, have described them as "well-organized, focused, and able to help busy people engage in meaningful conversation without getting bogged down." I recommend that you talk with Dee and Pam about what you are needing to accomplish - they will make it happen.”

Jane Kirschling, former Dean
College of Nursing and Health Professions
University of Southern Maine
Portland, ME

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