Resources for You

The web provides a vast array of information on facilitation and related topics. The following are some resources that we thought might interest you.  They include a site where we have published some weekly articles for educators, sites of specialized forms of meeting design, which are mentioned in the book, and a few other sites of interest. 

Pointing near flipchartEducation World has published a series of articles on the every day use of facilitation by educators, drawn from Great Meetings! Great Meetings and written by Dee Kelsey and Pam Plumb. Link:

Open Space Technology was developed by Harrison Owen in 1984 in response to a desire to capture in a meeting format the level of interest and engagement that people exhibited when they talked informally about subjects that were important to them.  It is a system which allows people to select and work on what is important to them within the context of a subject area rather than imposing an agenda.  You can find out more at

Future Search Conference is a structured, participatory planning process designed to enable the participants to direct their own future based on an understanding of their past and present, a confirmation of common values and a commitment to action.  It relies on bringing together a broad cross section of "stakeholders" to explore common ground.  For more information check

Appreciative Inquiry is based on the principle that a company, organization or community can unleash its creativity and energy for positive change by focusing on the positive and envisioning the common, desired future.  For more information check

Charrettes are community planning processes that help large, diverse groups undertake an urban design project rapidly and collaboratively.  You can find more information at