Presentations & Keynotes

Presentations & Keynotes Great Meetings! Keynotes. Looking for a speaker at your convention, conference or monthly organization meeting? We can provide a short presentation that will give your audience the key points in planning and running more productive meetings. We tailor our presentation to the audience, and keep the tone light and participative.

Great Meetings! Presentations. Even a short conference break out session can transform the way participants run meetings. We can provide one hour to full day breakout sessions for conferences. In short programs, we introduce people to the key principles needed to make their meetings great. Copies of our book Great Meetings! Great Results are included at a significant discount.

In longer sessions, conference participants will take home a host of facilitation skills and a bag full of process tools that will enable them to immediately impact their organizations. In these programs, designed specifically for you, we will introduce everyone to the key concepts to ensuring great meetings and how to use the book to transform the quality of each and every meeting.