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The Nature Conservancy:

  • “Dee and Pam are a great team that complements each other well. I learned things which I can put to use immediately."
  • "Dee and Pam are wonderful facilitators, teachers and leaders. Warm, accessible, professional, highly focused yet flexible. Thanks!!! Excellent 3 days.”
  • "Both leaders were examples in and of themselves, which was half the learning"
  • "Extremely professional with obviously seasoned and experienced people”

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Eastern Maine Medical Center:

Would you recommend the course to others? Why?

  • Nancy Prescott: Yes, I would highly recommend this course to anyone that comes in contact with or works with people, which means just about everyone will walk away with practical, proven tools to insure meeting success.
  • Brian Moody: Absolutely! This training has provided me with critical tools and skills to lead effective, efficient and productive meetings. Anyone whose job includes leading meetings should be required to have this training. It was outstanding.

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The Board Network

  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the class and my mind has been churning with ways to improve the meeting I am responsible to handle. You and Dee do a terrific job with that class. I look forward to working with you again.”
  • “Very clear and concise workshop. Excellent.”
  • “Very organized; great listener; nicely paced.”

Three Day Certificate Course in Facilitation at University of Southern Maine

  • Cyndi Atterbury, Director of Operations, Association of State and Territorial Public Health Nutrition Directors: “Just a note to let you know how much I got out of the “Great Meetings” training course – it was terrific, in no small part because of the ways you are able to impart your wealth of knowledge on facilitation. …there is no doubt I took away a lot of valuable tips and information from the course that I can use. … Thanks again…for a great course.”
  • Lee Zacharias, The Zacharias Group: “Yes, I have become the facilitation pro at our company. What a difference it is making in our meetings and actually making things move forward at a much faster pace.”
  • Carol Emerson, Tthe Board Network: "Very clear and concise workshop. Excellent.""Very organized; great listener; nicely paced."

Conference Sessions

  • “Packed a lot of information into a short time. These two are obviously pros.”
  • “I’d do more training with you. Thanks for having your act together. Good and useful content and style.”
  • “Great interactive workshop. Left with concrete strategies – very useful information to apply immediately.”
  • “Very enjoyable, good information and tools. Would recommend to others.”

From other Trainings/Workshops

  • “Thanks so much for being a part of our board training... It was a tremendous asset for us to have you present and all your input was very much appreciated by all. You are very good at what you do!”
  • “The training was a smashing success! You did an absolutely superb job capturing and holding the interest of the group. “
  • “I wanted to thank you for the skill, effort and caring you put into the ...program. ...Reflecting on the ...weekend, I was reminded again and again of the depth of your tool bag and your ability to know quickly when a tool was needed and when. Equally important, you fostered an atmosphere of support so that it was okay to make a mistake. “
  • “[My] review of the evaluations for the Train the Trainer workshop was a real ‘upper’. Each participant acquired knowledge, skills and many useful tips and techniques. Your presentation was productive. You certainly have the knack to make everyone comfortable. Everyone went back to work enthusiastic and eager for the opportunity to practice what they learned... On behalf of the department, I want to thank you for an excellent program.”
  • “Thanks for a great course. The recent Advanced Facilitation class was huge fun... It really was a tremendous learning experience and I am grateful.”

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Facilitations by the Great Meetings! Staff

  • Danielle N. Ripich, President, University of New England: "The implementation phase of a large strategic plan is often the place where it can unravel. Having the expertise of Pam Plumb over the year that the university plan was integrated by the colleges and other units helped us avoid this pitfall. Her experience in planning and group leadership was invaluable to the success of this phase of our project. "
  • National League of Cities in West Virginia: The program “has helped to move us forward on a key initiative and created a dialogue between various agencies. [It] helped us to focus on a specific goal.”

"I have had the good fortune to work with Dee Kelsey and Pam Plumb, both individually and together, over a number of years and greatly appreciate their ability to successfully plan and facilitate group work. They both approach their work with the highest level of professionalism and in every project they have helped us to accomplish what needed to be done. The faculty, staff, community leaders and nurses from across Maine, who have participated in our various consultations, have described them as "well-organized, focused, and able to help busy people engage in meaningful conversation without getting bogged down." I recommend that you talk with Dee and Pam about what you are needing to accomplish - they will make it happen.”

Jane Kirschling, former Dean
College of Nursing and Health Professions
University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME

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