Meeting Consultation and Coaching

Pam Plumb consulting about an upcoming meeting Great Meetings! Consultation
Do you have a critical meeting coming up? Wondering if the meeting design you have created will be effective? Or need a hand coming up with a design?

We provide expert consultation in process planning, meeting design and challenging facilitation situations. We will help you clarify your meeting purpose and desired outcomes, suggest facilitation tools and techniques and provide ideas on ways to maximize your group’s potential.

Individualized consultation in person or by phone will get your meeting on the right track.

Great Meetings! Coaching.
Are you stumped on how to handle some particular challenges in your meetings?
Have you received feedback that your meetings aren’t as productive as they could be? 

We provide expert coaching on how to work with challenging situations and people in your meetings, for example:
  • How to prevent anyone from dominating meetings, or pulling them off track
  • Methods for understanding and managing conflict and anger
  • Moving along a silent or stuck group

Individualized coaching in person or by phone will help you have great, really productive meetings!