More Praise fo Great Meetings! Great Results Book

From the Nature Conservatory

"Concrete "take away skills" that would be very useful in everyday work environment."

"The training may lessen the number of meetings we have and make those we have more democratic, efficient and productive, as well as shorter."

"I recommend others take this training."

"I would highly recommend it because of the attention to our specific needs / meetings / situations."

"Thank you so very much. This is wicked helpful."

"I learned a lot of useful information that I will use all the time. Thanks!"

"The process of meeting preparation is extremely important to ensuring that we have effective meetings. It's not something that we all have taken enough time in learning about…. This workshop does it and does it well."

"Great job Dee and Pam. Thanks! I didn't know I would come away with so much information, suggestions and ideas to facilitate any meeting."

"Lots or examples; use of our real situations!! Attention to the needs of the group"

"Can help even if you aren't doing facilitation, but attend a lot of meetings."

"Great pace, nicely organized, you work well together, great job of incorporating our input.

"Awesome. Take the training. Now. Don't wait."

"Really great skills and ideas. Well worth it."

"Well organized. Great Modeling."


Eastern Maine Medical Center:

What was most useful to you about the course?

Nancy Prescott:

  • Role playing; scenarios that are relevant to our jobs
  • Clear explanation and demonstration of tools in the training structure
  • Love the book; easy to use layout and information is “new facilitator user friendly”

What was most useful to you about the course?

Brian Moody:

  • Everything; this course really helped me feel more comfortable in facilitating by giving me a great framework of structure and tools to be successful
  • The perfect blend of education and practice; the customization of the training to our needs; Pam’s gentle and humorous demeanor; feedback was not pointed, but constructive; the book was user friendly and a good read



“Just a quick note to say thank you for the great job you Saturday’s retreat. If I had fantasized the most perfect approach for teaching, I would have envisioned exactly what happened. You captured every hint and nuance from our planning session and translated all into a top-notch workshop. The whole day was an instantaneous success.”

”The process of meeting preparation is extremely important to ensuring that we have effective meetings. It’s not something that we all have taken enough time in learning about..”

“Concrete ‘take-away skills’ that will be very useful in everyday work environment…"

“Thank you for the skill, effort and caring you put into the program. I was reminded again and again of the depth of your tool bag and your ability to know quickly when a tool was needed and when. Equally important, you fostered an atmosphere of support so that it was okay to make a mistake."

Facilitations by Great Meetings! Staff

From facilitation work with the National League of Cities in West Virginia

“The program / organization has helped keep the projects on point.”

The program “created a dialogue between various agencies. [It] helped us to focus on a specific goal.”

[Helped us to] “focus on short term achievable goals. [Built] Commitment to better communication to achieve long term goals as a community”

“Brought [the] team together, provided some valuable information, kept housing issue at the top of our list. This will lead to the creation of an organization with the capacity to create workforce housing.”

[The Program has] “given us ideas and helped us to become more organized and to become more focused on what we need to do and what needs to happen so we can obtain our goals.”

[The program helped us] “tremendously”. [It gave us] “focus, direction [and] enthusiasm”.

[It] “helped us focus on a specific issue.”


“I would like to extend our gratitude for the assistance you provided at our “Spirit of Service” retreat. Your dedication and commitment were main factors in the success of our day... You kept things running smoothly and efficiently. We are thankful for the time you have shared with us, and look forward to seeing you in the future.”

“Great job! Easy to be with – comfortable, secure, competent”

“You did a wonderful job – created a safe atmosphere for all of us.”

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