Meet the Team

Dee Kelsey and Pam Plumb, owners of Great Meetings! Inc, have worked together for over 15 years, since they first pooled their experience and expertise in training and facilitation in a jointly developed and delivered certificate course in facilitation skills. They value their collegial relationship and the success they have brought to hundreds of individuals and organizations: groups as varied as large corporations, small businesses, nonprofits of all kinds and sizes, schools, hospitals, medical groups, local and state governments. Together they have written two books, Great Meetings! How to Facilitate like a Pro and the greatly revised and expanded Great Meetings! Great Results and created other audio and video products. They provide facilitation and training to a variety of clients both together and individually.

DeeDee Kelsey

Dee has been facilitating groups since her teenage years. She turned her early interests into more formal work both as a trainer and personnel representative at Hewlett Packard and as a mediator and trainer of mediators for the city of Palo Alto, California. In addition to her work with Great Meetings! Inc, she has been principal of Dee Kelsey and Associates since 1985. She has worked nationally to provide organizational development, facilitation, process consultation, mediation, and training services to hundreds of clients ranging from small work groups to large corporations.

PamPam Plumb

Pam discovered during her years as a City Councilor and Mayor of Portland that effective meeting planning and facilitation made a big difference in meeting outcomes. In 1991, she created Pamela Plumb & Associates which serves a wide range of non-profit organizations, businesses and government organizations with process design, facilitation, training and organizational development. She is widely known for her process work and training in municipal governance.