Training Package/Trainer’s Guide

Great Meetings! Training Package

Want to improve the productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction in your organization? Are you looking for one overall training model to improve the meeting skills of your group or organization?

Great Meetings! Great Results Training Package, will offer a complete, ready to use system for training your group or organization in meeting management and facilitation skills. This opportunity to become a trainer of the Great Meetings! Great Results methodology is available to people who are experienced trainers and have taken a three day Great Meetings! Great Results course It includes:

  • A book
  • A trainer’s working agenda for a three day course with options for
    trainings of different lengths or specific topics
  • A DVD of training videos
  • A CD-Rom with templates
  • A participant workbook and handouts

The package will also entitle the purchaser to quantity discounts on books and workbooks for training participants.

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Trainer’s Guide: Table of Contents

What is in the trainer's guide and how to use it

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: What’s inside your guide?
  • Preface: Our philosophy and approach


  • Preparation for Training
  • Sample pre-letter for participants

Working agenda for the three day course

  • Working agenda

Participant workbook materials linked with working agenda

  • Index of Workbook pages
  • Workbook materials
  • Practice session 3A
  • Practice session 3B

Additional training materials

  • Table of contents
  • Handouts not reflected in the three day course agenda

Other materials

  • Coache’s Feedback Grid
  • Training evaluation
  • “Key Points” cards
  • Color version of “Key Points” card
  • Certificate Form ( print on certificate paper)
  • Glossary of terms

Other Sample Working Agendas

  • Sample #1: One-day GM Facilitation Training
  • Sample #2: One-day GM Meeting Management Training
  • Sample #3: Two-day GM Facilitation Training