Audio CD: Defusing Explosions: What to do with anger and conflict in groups

Audio CDIn this one-hour interview with Dee and Pam, you will learn how to constructively deal with those most difficult times when things get hairy in groups. Some of the points are...

Why is conflict so difficult in groups? Aren't we looking for different points of view when we are facilitating?

  • How do you distinguish between a healthy conflict and a non-productive, group damaging situation?
  • In your experience, what are the types of conflicts that you see in groups?
  • Why are some disagreements more heated than others? 
  • When two participants start arguing angrily and attacking each other, how can you wade into that situation to both diffuse their anger and redirect their energy to a more positive conversation? 
  • What about meetings where the participants are set in two deeply divided camps? What can you do to move things forward? 
  • What specific tools can a facilitator use to help a group work with differences? 
  • How do you manage a sudden dramatic outburst from one participant that startles the entire group? 
  • What are some of the inner attitudes and perspectives you embrace as a facilitator to make dealing with conflict easier?
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